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      Brazilian soprano, Luiza Sawaya holds a M.A. degree in Neolatin Languages from the Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras of the Universidade Mackenzie (São Pasulo) with specialization in Brazilian Literature as well as French Language and Literature. At the Universidade de São Paulo she finished the Specialization Course in French, pursuing her studies at Université Laval, Québec, Canada, dedicating herself as a French teacher to youngsters.

Simultaneously, Mrs. Sawaya developed her great interest in music

as a means of acquiring linguistic knowledge. In this area, as a teacher,  she took part  in pedagogical experiences at the Liceu Pasteur  (São Paulo), which were published in the magazine “Les Amis de Sèvres" (1980). She also took part in the film "Matin de Mars", produced by the French Ministry of Culture (1977/78).

Mrs. Sawaya started her musical studies with Anita Guarnieri at

São Paulo Graded School. She also studied the piano, but finally devoted herself to the field of art song. In Brazil her singing teachers were Nilde Caputi, later also Anna Maria Kieffer and Adélia Issa. In Portugal she studied vocal technique with Fernando Serafim, Lúcia Lemos and Juliana Mauger.

She has devoted herself to rediscover and relaunch Brazilian art song with special attention on the place it holds in the contexts of Brazilian History and Literature. Widening the scope of her studies to the Portuguese song, she endeavours to learn not only the historical evolution of Portuguese song but also the roots of Brazilian music.

Her studies have led her to specialize in 19th century song – the Modinha and the Lundu – and in Brazilian chamber Songs, having recorded this repertoire on eight CD’s.

Besides her musical research, Mrs. Sawaya performs in innumerable recitals in Brazil, Portugal and France, representing her country in conferences, lectures, interviews, statements and events linked to Brazilian Music.

Mrs. Sawaya holds a Master Degree in Literature from the Faculdade de Letras of the Universidade de Lisboa, and her thesis is "Domingos Caldas Barbosa: beyond Viola de Lereno", (December, 2011).

Mrs. Sawaya was awarded the prize of "Best Lieder Singer of 1989" by APCA (São Paulo Art Critics Association), São Paulo, Brazil and “Best Interpreter of Modinhas” – Composition Contest of Brazilian Modinhas (Campinas, S.Paulo / 1985)

     “Luiza Sawaya, one of the few singers bold enough to offer programs entirely dedicated to Brazilian music .”

Vasco Mariz, “História da Música no Brasil”, Rio de Janeiro, 2002

     “No other could sing with such spirit and lightness the songs of

a masterly repertoire based on solid and sensitive research, with absolute fidelity to the score.”

Maria Lúcia Godoy, Belo Horizonte, 2002

     “I never tire of admiring the enormous contribution of Luiza Sawaya throughout the years to the diffusion (“revelation”

would be more to the point) of 19th century Brazilian Music.” 

Amaral Vieira, São Paulo, 2003


Leila Mutanen e Luiza Sawaya
Dois Momentos de Oito Compositores Brasileiros
Fundação M. Luisa e O. Americano – São Paulo, 1986

 Achille Picchi e Luiza Sawaya – Trovas em Moldura

Palácio Nacional de Queluz – Queluz, 2003

Marina Brandão e Luiza Sawaya   EMOTIONS
Fundação M. Luisa e O. Americano – São Paulo, 1989

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