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José d'Almeida Cabral

o último modinheiro do 2º Império do Brasil

(José d’Almeida Cabral,
the last “modinheiro” of the 2nd Brazilian Empire)


Empire is the first work about this composer of the late 19th century relegated to oblivion for more than one century. This study introduces us to the biography of the composer, a veritable opera libretto, his affair with lyrical singer Augusta Candiani, the social context in which they lived in imperial Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by notable political characters, as well as the itinerary of the couple during their Brazilian tour. Based on a thorough analysis of the composer’s manuscripts, this book includes a critical study of the modinha and of opera in Brazil at the late 19th century, publishing the complete known oeuvre of José d'Almeida Cabral: his manuscripts in fac simile, completed by their scanned versions, and the compositions that were published in their author’s lifetime, recorded in two CD’s, one dedicated to Cabral as “modinha” writer, the other to the lyrical Cabral. Lisbon, 2016.

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