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Domingos Caldas Barbosa: herdeiro de Horácio
(Domingos Caldas Barbosa: an heir of Horace)

Embodies the first modern edition of this author’s erudite poetical works, accompanied by a detailed critical analysis of his fourty one poems published for the first and only time in the Almanak das Musas, Lisbon, 1794. In this book Luiza Sawaya presents an extensive and original study on the life and oeuvre of Caldas, endeavouring to integrate the poet in the History of Portuguese-Brazilian Literature, whilst providing us with a panoramic view of the literary and social events of the late 18th century in which this heir of Horace took part: the foundation of the Academia das Belas Letras (Academy of Fine Arts), the quarrel instigated by Bocage, the hunting and social parties of the nobility. To those who believe they know Caldas Barbosa only
as the mulatto guitar player and charmer of audiences, this books introduces him as a poet of admirable culture and great dignity. To all of those who give credit to the acid critics led by Bocage, this book reveals that we are in the presence of an innovator, at the transition from Arcadism to Romanticism. Lisbon, 2015.

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